Salty Towers

Something A Little Different

Salty Towers

Something a little different

Salty Towers is a unique accommodation facility owned by adventurous souls Deb Farlow and James Steel. They have been welcoming travelers, artists, musicians and others with adventurous spirits for more than 25 years. 


It's something a little different. A Chateau Alternatato. Admittedly it's not for everyone.  Life moves slow here. We're basic and affordable. Not too many bells and whistles ... just interesting folks, the chance of some incredible music, an onshore breeze and relaxation .... and maybe something you've never experienced before !!


Salty Towers is located in the historic seaside community of St Andrews, New Brunswick, on Canada's east coast. The community has been a destination since humans first settled here thousands of years ago.  It could be argued that Canada's permanent European settlement roots were established here by Samuel de Champlain and Sieur deMonts  in 1604.

The Crew

Meet the Crew...those of us that live and work here, our family and a few regular characters you might meet around the kitchen table or having a drink on the porch.

We have welcomed thousands of folks over the years and many keep coming back. Our regulars are kind of like family and if you need anything and they are around they'll tell you exactly what to do.  That can be both good and ....!!!


Although we do not plan regular activities ourselves St Andrews is one of the busiest small towns found anywhere. Depending on the season visitors to town can take in theatre, movies, opera, contemporary music. visual art, sailing kayaking, world class challenge events and more.  Salty Towers has also been known to host the occasional concert on the porch or in the living room!


From Jamie & Deb


Hey Folks! Over the past two and a half decades we've had a great ride ... full of wonderful people, great music, delicious food and incredible adventures ... all of which have created marvelous memories.