Deb, like Jamie is originally from Ontario where she grew up on a farm in Lambton County. She went to the University of Guelph with sights on a degree in nutrition. She became a celebrated child youth worker instead! Today she not only makes Salty Towers look good but works in a local pub and occasionally at a local garden centre.


Music, travel and food have always been a part of both of their lives and they love to share stories and opportunities with others.  


They both enjoy life and the world around them.

Jamie bought the building that became Salty Towers in 1994. He grew up just north of Toronto in Newmarket, at that time a small town.  He ventured off to the University of Waterloo and enrolled in an environmental studies program. He was on a path to continue researching snow avalanches but decided to move to the east coast instead! He has worked as a scientist, educator, innkeeper, artist, naturalist and artist manager. 


They have 3 kids between them, one a wildlife rehabilitation worker, another a touring musician and the third an arts administrator/community developer.

Salty Towers

something a little different  


From Jamie & Deb


Hey! The season is just around the corner.  We want to invite you  to come and visit.   Salty Towers is still here and

St Andrews is better than ever